For the Students of
Mary and Tim Thulson

Welcome! You've found the scheduling website for Mary and Tim Thulson's violin and cello teaching studio.

If you're already part of our studio, follow the links below to grab a lesson slot. (Look for the "Book Now" buttons; sometimes they take a second to load.) Or hit "sign in" to see your existing lesson schedule.

Here's an important note if you're requesting a lesson time: our Square online appointments system allows you to book one-time lesson slots (for reschedulings, etc), and to see all of our availability in real time. But it doesn't let you directly book a recurring weekly slot. If you see a slot that you'd like as a regular weekly slot, go ahead and book the first week, but mention in the comments that you'd like it to be weekly. Or shoot us an email. We'll check that it doesn't conflict with anyone else down the road, and then set it up as recurring from the admin side of things. Thanks!

If you're not yet part of our studio, get in touch; we'd love to tell you more about our teaching practice.

Visit and to find out more about us as musicians, including bios and performance schedules. Thanks for dropping by!